The National Native Seed Conference connects Research, Industry, Land Management, and Restoration professionals, providing the premier opportunity to develop relationships and share information about the collection, research and development, production, and use of native plant materials.
Planning for the next conference is on hold during the pandemic.
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The 2017 National Native Seed Conference was the largest and most successful yet. Over 330 delegates participated, representing 41 states and 11 nations, demonstrating the importance of native seed issues throughout the U.S. and beyond. With 140 presentations spanning more than 50 hours of programming, the conference was the stage for sharing cutting edge information, engaging discussions, and the development of relationships and networks that increase our knowledge and ability to improve our supply of native seed.


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“This conference is a great mix of restoration practitioners, seed collectors, seed growers, and researchers, all united in the goal of restoring native plants in disturbed systems. My favorite conference of all time!”

“Best conference I have ever attended! Lots of energy from people passionate about native plant communities and habitat and restoration; participating in conference provided affirmation!”

“One of the best and most relevant conferences I have ever attended. Looking forward to the next one.”

“The community feel of this conference really stands out. It’s a diverse collection of people from many different places and backgrounds but it definitely feels like one big family.”

“The most effective get together of industry, practitioners, and users of Native seed I have ever attended!”

“I was re-inspired in my native plant conservation program! Really enjoyed hearing about all the research into what materials (native winners!) may be developed to go on the ground for successful restoration. Loved the networking opportunities!”

“This conference brings the right people together to make a difference.  Unparalleled gathering of seed sellers, users, and researchers.  I’ve never learned so much useful information in 3 days.”

“This is a very important conference for land managers, industry, research, and seed producers/seed users.  The conference organizers are to be congratulated on contributing to the advances in this resource area.”

“This was the best professional meeting I have attended in years!”


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Many thanks to the Bureau of Land Management for their early and continued support of this conference