Draft Program

Symposia & Panels

Opening Session: Ecological resilience, adaptation and emergency preparedness – the need for seeds
Organizer: Peggy Olwell, Bureau of Land Management

Panel: Public/Private Partnerships in Conservation Plantings: Past Successes and Future Opportunities
Organizer: Virginia Houston, American Seed Trade Association

Symposium: Selecting the Right Seed: New Decision-support Tools for Selecting Taxa and Seed Sources for Current and Future Site Conditions
Organizer: Nancy Shaw, Society for Ecological Restoration

Symposium: The Emergence of Seed Networks as an Effective Strategy in Building Regional Cooperation to Improve Native Seed and Plant Material Development and Delivery
Organizer: Ed Toth, City of New York; Megan Haidet, Seeds of Success

Panel: Implementing the Pollinator Friendly Native Seed Reserve
Organizer: Carol Spurrier, Bureau of Land Management

Symposium: NRCS Plant Materials Program Plant Development Efforts for Revegetating Landscapes: History, Successes, Challenges, and Future Directions
Organizer: John Englert, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Panel: Seed Industry Perspectives
Organizer: Robby Henes, Southwest Seed

Panel: Weed contaminant in native seed – challenges of meeting reliable seed demand
Organizer: Steve Popovich, US Forest Service

Symposium: Overcoming the effects of plant blindness with education and outreach
Organizer: Andrea Kramer, Chicago Botanic Garden

Symposium: Get Smart in Using Native Seed – the International Network for Seed-based Restoration
Organizer: Olga Kildisheva, University of Western Australia

Symposium: Native Seed: Planning, Processing, Increase, and Application
Organizer: Kayla Herriman, US Forest Service

Symposium: Texas Ecotype Approach to Commercial Native Seed Provision and Ecosystem Restoration
Organizer: Forrest Smith, South Texas Natives

Workshop: Challenges of Sampling and Testing Seed of Native Species
Organizer: Victor Vankus, US Forest Service & Gil Waibel, Association of Official Seed Analysts/Society of Commercial Seed Technologists

Oral Presentations

Assessment of seed needs and the capacity to meet them

Assessing Plant Material Needs and Production Capacity: Building a Sustainable Seeds of Success in the East
Timothy Chambers*, Shanyn Siegel, and Sara Tangren, Ph.D

Restoring species diversity: Uncovering the gaps in the native seed market
Abbey White*, Jeremie Fant, and Andrea Kramer

A bottom-up approach to seed quality and certification: a survey of the native seed community
Holly Abbandonato*, Simone Pedrini, Marcello De Vitis, Costantino Bonomi, and Hugh Pritchard

The use of Native Species in assessing and implementing Bonn Challenge commitments to Forest Landscape Restoration
Craig Beatty

How can California Benefit from the National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration
David Gilpin

National Park Service policies for seed collections and use
Gregory E. Eckert

Increase the supply and reliable availability of the right seed

Propagating local ecotype native plants from local native seed to preserve biodiversity in Maryland
Christopher F. Puttock* and Rochelle P. Bartolomei

From the Wild to Farm and Back Again: A Strategy for Native Plant Material Development and Utilization
Kevin Gunnell* and Danny Summers

Native Thistles: Significant yet Underappreciated Plants for Habitat Restoration
Jim Eckberg*, Eric Lee-Mäder, Jennifer Hopwood, Sarah Foltz Jordan and Brianna Borders

Development of commercial seed supplies of native milkweeds and pollinator plants for Texas
Forrest Smith*, Anthony Falk, Keith Pawelek, John Reilley, Chris Best, and Shelly Maher

Development of legume germplasm native to the semi-arid western USA
Shaun Bushman*, Doug Johnson, Thomas Jones

Native Forb Seed Production
Kelsey Prickett

Madrean Archipelago Plant Propagation Initiative: A Strategy in Regional Plant Material Availability and Resiliency
Francesca Claverie* and Allegra Mount

Wild Seed Project: Grassroots Seed Propagation of New England native plants
Heather McCargo

Bi-state Strategic Native Forb Seed Collection and Increase Efforts
Susan Fritts*, Anne Halford, Berta Youtie, Nancy Shaw, and Mark Mousseaux

Genetic variation and seed transfer guidelines

Predictive provenancing: Can southern sourced seeds be used in Midwest restoration efforts?
Christopher Woolridge*, Emily Dangremond, Jeremie Fant, and Andrea Kramer

Building a common garden network for high throughput seed transfer development
Francis Kilkenny, Fred Edwards

Beyond Climate: Incorporating Novel Factors into Seed Transfer Guidelines
Alexis Gibson*, Cara Nelson, Lila Fishman, Susan Rinehart

Incidence of Polyploid races in restoration species and its consequences for Plant Materials Development
Troy Wood*, Andrea Kramer, Stephanie Frischie, and Stewart Sanderson

Genetic and cytotypic variability in a dominant southwestern grass (Bouteloua gracilis): Implications for restoration and seed sourcing
Katrina Tso*, Gerard Allan, Troy Wood

Assessing seed zone efficacy using two-year old bluebunch wheatgrass
Holly R. Prendeville*, Francis F. Kilkenny, J. Brad St. Clair

Early Assessment of Local Adaptation in Juvenile Prairie Grasses
Shelby Flint*, Kane Keller, Georgiana May, and Ruth Shaw

Provisional seed zones for ‘ōhi‘a (Metrosideros spp.) on Kaua‘i: a mitigation strategy for a new fungal pathogen
Adam M. Williams*, Dustin Wolkis, Ben Nyberg, Seana Walsh

Intraspecific variation in germination responses of milkweeds (Asclepias spp.): Investigating climatic sensitivity among three congeners
Jessamine Finch* and Kayri Havens-Young

Seed technology: production, integrated pest management, and storage techniques

Ecological Pest Management for the Native Seed Industry: A Multi-State Case Study
Eric Lee-Mäder, Jim Eckberg, and Thelma Heidel-Baker

Seed-based Approaches to Improving Restoration of Dryland Systems
Olga A. Kildisheva, Matthew M. Madsen, David J. Merritt, Todd E. Erickson, and Kingsley W. Dixon

New ‘flash flaming’ technique improves seed handling and coating potential of difficult-to-handle grass species
Todd E. Erickson*, Andrew L. Guzzomi, Miriam Muñoz-Rojas, Shane R. Turner, David J. Merritt

Differential seed dormancy and germination requirements of two upland prairie sedges
Kelly D. Broadlick* and Jonathan D. Bakker

Consistency of plant heavy metal tolerance through successive generations
Dorjderem Sukhragchaa*, Catherine Zabinski, Joseph Scianna

Does Frozen Storage Change the Germination Performance of Native Southwestern Forb Species?
Alexandra Seglias* and Andrea Kramer

Maternal Habitat Environment Influences of Storageability and Germination Response of Desert Seeds
Narayana R. Bhat*, Majda K. Suleiman, Laila Al-Mulla and Thomas M. Thomas

Picking From the Past in Preparation for a Pest: Assessing the Potential for Herbarium Seeds to Combat ROD
Dustin Wolkis* and Susan Deans

The Effect of Seed Storage and Water Balance Characteristics on Seed Germination Success in 26 Ficus Species from Tropical and Subtropical South China
Huayang Chen, Imeña Valdes, Ying Chen, Xiaoyin Wang and Uromi M. Goodale*

Seed coating technologies: seed enhancement or marketing?
Simone Pedrini, David Merritt, Jason Stevens and Kingsley Dixon

Plant establishment, species interactions, and ecosystem restoration

When and Where to Seed? Effects of Sowing Time and Relative Prairie Quality on First Year Establishment of 23 Native Prairie Species
Sarah Krock*, Sarah Hamman

Using past restoration treatments to inform future seed sourcing in the Colorado Plateau
Andrea Kramer*, Shannon Still, Nora Talkington, Troy Wood

Use of Native Grasses and Forbs for Diversification of Crested Wheatgrass Stands
Jerry Benson* and   Mel Asher

The Role of Germination in Early Plant Establishment: Characterization of Germination Syndromes in a Highly Variable Field Environment
Stuart Hardegree*, Corey Moffet, Christine Walters, Roger Sheley

Invasive Species Management, Restoration and the Use of Native Seeds and Plants
Stanley Burgiel

Functional diversity in prairie plant communities: a barrier to invasion modulated by nitrogen
Jacob Zeldin

Comparing Seeding Rates and Timing of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) in Utah
Danny Summers* and Kevin Gunnell

The South Texas Approach to Restoring Native Vegetation on Exotic Invaded Landscapes
John Reilley, Forrest Smith and Shelly Maher

Enhancing Native Forb Establishment in the Great Basin Using Snow Fences, N-sulate Fabric, and Seed Coatings
Adam Fund*, Kristin Hulvey, Douglas Johnson, Matt Madsen, Scott Jensen, Derek Tilley

Comparing competition intensity between heterospecific and conspecific seedling pairings: what story do the roots have to tell?
Alicia Foxx

Impact of Mean Germination Times of seed lots of Rhinanthus minor L. on their Emergence, Plant Development and Host Biomass: implications for Ecological Restoration
Maria Marin*, Alison Powell, Peter Toorop and Giles Laverack

Soils rehabilitation with biocrusts: a review of current technologies
Kyle Doherty*, Matthew Bowker, Anita Antoninka, Henry Grover, Rebecca Durham

Manipulating Cheatgrass Seed Dispersal to Benefit Native Plants
Danielle Johnston, Phillip Chapman

Evidence for Long-term Persistence of Cultivars in Ecological Restoration
Mary E. Poelman, Adrienne M. Pilmanis and Kristina M. Hufford

Tools to support native seed collection and use

The Roles of Seed Science and Restoration in the Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy
Deborah Finch and Kenneth Berg.

Native Plant Use and Ecosystem Services Considerations at Superfund Sites
Jewel Lipps* and Michele Mahoney

Integrating Molecular Genetics into Seed Management Programs
Valerie Hipkins

Matching seed to site by climate similarity: tools to prioritize plant materials development and use
Kyle Doherty*, Troy Wood, Bradley Butterfield

Mixing and matching: Composition and diversity of commercially available seed mixes compared with remnant and restored tallgrass prairies
Rebecca S. Barak*, Eric V Lonsdorf, and Daniel J. Larkin

SeedZone Mapper Mobile App
Andrew Bower* and Charlie Schrader-Patton

Weather and Climate Tools for Rangeland Restoration Planning and Management
Stuart Hardegree*, Corey Moffet, John Abatzoglou, Katherine Hegewisch, Roger Sheley, and Mark Brunson

Seeds of Success (SOS) Web Portal for Documenting Seed Collections
Michael O’Neal(*) and Megan Haidet

Plant Data and Map Layers in USGS BISON – https://bison.usgs.gov/
Elizabeth Sellers

Seed Collections for Coastal Restorations in the East
Amanda Faucette, North Carolina Botanical Garden ; Michael Piantedosi, New England Wild Flower Society

Using Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Rare Plant Conservation in the Western United States
Shannon Still*, Kayri Havens, and Pati Vitt

Elements of an Ecologically Designed Seed Mix for Tallgrass Prairie Plantings
Greg Houseal

How much seed is needed for ex situ collections: ash as a case study
Sean Hoban, Simon Kallow, Clare Trivedi

Seed sampling methods for genetic diversity retention from reintroduction populations of American chestnut.
Yamini Kashimshetty*, Emma Teal, Stephan Pelikan and Steven Rogstad

Distributions and Collecting Priorities for Crop Wild Relatives in the United States
Colin K Khoury*, Stephanie L. Greene, Karen A. Williams, and Chrystian C. Sosa

Communication and Partnerships

Natives First – A Native Vegetation Standard for the Conservation Title of the Farm Bill
Jef Hodges

Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation through Prisons
Stacy Moore and Shannon Swim*

The #OhiaLove Project: Banking Seeds of a Hawaiian Keystone Species During the Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death Crisis
Marian M. Chau*, Matthew Keir, Timothy Kroessig, Jill Wagner

The Great Basin Native Plant Project: a plant material development partnership
Francis Kilkenny, Fred Edwards

Creating a Southwest Seed Partnership to Implement the National Seed Strategy in New Mexico and Arizona
Melanie Gisler*, Kathryn Kennedy, Zoe Davidson, and Cameron Weber

Looking to BLM Seeds of Success as a Model and Partner to Secure Native Crop Wild Relatives
Stephanie Greene*, Colin Khoury, Karen Williams

Enhancing the Edibility of New England’s Landscapes with Native Species
Russ Cohen

Trained Extension Volunteers Produce High-Quality Native Seed
Sara Tangren


Poster Presentations

The Canadian Native Seed Experience
Michael P. Schellenberg* and Axel Diederichsen

Collection, Evaluation, and Selection of a Central Region Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium)
Ron Cordsiemon and Mollie Herget*

Genecology and Seed Transfer Zones for Pearly Everlasting in the Intermountain West
Alexis Gibson*, Susan Rinehart, Aram Eramian, Cara Nelson

Developing Seed Transfer Zones through partnerships and collaboration
Susan Rinehart*, USFS Native Plant Program;  Aram Eramian, USFS Coeur d’Alene Nursery; Jasmine Drapeau, CDA Nursery;  Nathan Robertson, CDA Nursery; Joan Louie, USFS Region 1 Geospatial Group;  Alexis Gibson, University of Montana, Department of Forestry

Dormancy and Germination of Globally Critically Imperiled Eryngium sparganophyllum Hemsl. (Apiaceae) Arizona Eryngo: Star of the Ciénega
Dustin Wolkis* and Steven Blackwell

How may the perpetuity of next generation native species be ensured?
Akwasi Asamoah

A Look into 40 Years of Germination Testing at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Seed Bank
Cheryl Sevilla

Greenhouse germination trials with federally-protected Houghton’s goldenrod: evaluating factors associated with population persistence
Justine E. Weber, Donald J. Leopold, and John J. Wiley, Jr.

Evaluation of soil seed bank composition in Ivesia webberi Gray population sites in western Great Basin Desert
Temitope I. Borokini

Determining pollen and seed dispersal in prairies
Lauren L. Sullivan*, David A. Moeller, Allison K. Shaw

Consequences of phenological shifts in a spring ephemeral community
Rebecca M. Dalton

Germination timing of winter annual grasses for seeding ground cover in Mediterranean woody crops
Matías Hernández González, Borja Jiménez-Alfaro, Stephanie Frischie, Eduardo Fernández Pascual, Peter Toorop,  and Cándido Gálvez Ramírez

Dedicated to Seed: the Bend Seed Extractory
Kayla Herriman

NatiVeg – A Planning Tool, Applications and Limitations
Jef Hodges

Use of the MSBP Data Warehouse and other tools to prioritise seed collecting of conifers from western United States
Michael Way* and Andrew Bower

Creation of a Relational Seed Database using Microsoft Access – Lessons Learned
Angela Magnan

The Evolution and Acquisition of the Restoration Collection at the Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank
David Sollenberger, Emily Yates, Pati Vitt

The International Network for Seed-based Restoration
Nancy Shaw*, Rob Fiegener, Olga Kildisheva, Kingsley Dixon, Stephanie Frishie, and Simone Pedrini

Bringing the outdoors closer to home: Establishing a native plant materials program for landscape and indoor use in Hawaii
Orville C. Baldos and Aleta Corpuz

Planting the Seed: National Park Service Offers Opportunity to Educate Public About Native Plants and Seeds
Kristy Burnett* and Greg Eckert

Polliantor Week State Governor Proclamations at State Capitols Across the Intermountain Region
John Proctor* and Terry Padilla

Multipurpose Seeds: A Second Life for Germination Trials
Trask, Ashly*   Wolkis, Dustin

National Park Service Roadside Revegetation Practices
Robin Gregory, Ken Stella*

Building a Restoration Economy in Northern Arizona with Native Plants
Kate Watters, Molly McCormick, and Anna Schrenk