Presenter Guidelines

As you prepare your presentation, please keep in mind the conference objective of communicating practical information with direct implications for management.

All presentations

  • Accessible to a broad audience
  • Applied
  • Practical
  • Address management implications
  • Promote discussion

Oral presentations

Talks are scheduled 20 minutes apart. This means there are 20 minutes total for your presentation, questions and answers, and transition to the next speaker. Your talk should last 15 minutes.

All presentation rooms will be set up with a computer, projector, podium, and microphone. Computers will be running Windows 10 with Powerpoint 2013. We do not require that you send your presentation prior to the conference. Bring your presentation to the conference on a portable USB drive.

Poster presentations

The maximum dimensions for posters is 45 inches wide by 44 inches tall.

We will be using large, free-standing, double-sided poster boards. Each poster board has a usable area of 90″ wide by 44″ tall. There will be 4 posters on each board (two on each side). We will provide push-pins for securing posters to the boards.

You are welcome to bring handouts or business cards to accompany your poster. We recommend putting these in open envelopes that may be pinned to the poster board below your poster.